Mapping TanicFile Drive to Windows

Mapping TanicFile Drive to Windows

Mapping TanicFile to Windows User

Last Updated 7/14/2022

  1.  Step 1:
    1. Open the file browser by clicking the "Folder Icon" on the task bar

  2.  Step 2: "Right Click" on "This PC", and select "Add a network location", as show in the image:

  3. Step 3: Choose "Next" on the "Welcome to the Add Network Location Wizard":

  4. Step 4: Choose "Next" on the "Where do you want to create this network location?":

  5.  Step 5: Enter the following information on the "Specify the location of your website": as shown, the click "Next":

  6. A popup "Windows Security" will ask for your login credentials. Clear out any data and enter your supplied username and password:

      1. NOTE: If AzureAD/ is showing and you can't login, restart your computer, this should correct the issue.

  7. Upon Successful completion of your credentials, you will be asked "What do you want to name this location?", Name it something you'll remember"

  8. You will be greeted with "Completing the Add Network Location Wizard". A summary of your folder is displayed. Click "Finished" to open & use your folder.

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