Adding Users to TanicFile (Admins Only)

Adding Users to TanicFile (Admins Only)

Adding Users to TanicFile (Admins Only)

Last Updated 7/14/2022

Step 1: Login

      Login to TanicFile System at with the credentials provided to you by Zynimus Company.
                  NOTE: If you do not have credentials or are needing admin access, please submit a ticket to Zynimus Support at

Step 2: Navigate to "Admin".


Step 3: Create A New User


            Step 3.1 Enter the user's email as their username.


                 Step 3.2 Enter a password for the user OR select "Generate Random Password", then click "Use This". Click "OK"

                        NOTE: Make sure to write down the password.

Step 4: Configure the New User (There are many steps, but the system will Inherit configs for your Group)

                  Step 4.1 Make sure the following setting match the screenshot (changing the information for the specific user:


                  Step 4.2 Create a folder for the user:


                  Step 4.3 Name the new folder the same as their email/username:


                    Step 4.4 Drag the user's folder to the right panel and give them full access, as shown in the screenshot.       


                  Step 4.5 Make sure the checkbox is Checked under "WebInterface", Do not make any changes!

                                          NOTE: Zynimus will have these setting configured for your group already. Changing them may result in IT repair charges.

Step 5: Save the new user: (Bottom right-hand corner of the screen)


General Information:

            If you followed this guide, users are now active and can perform the following options:
  1. Map their file share to Windows 10+ as a Network Drive (WebDav) (Help article can be found here)
  2. Scan documents to their share via FTP (This info can be found here )
  3. Share secure documents via email by logging into with their username and password.

For further help, please reach out to Zynimus Support at


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